Who We Are

Our Team

We believe collaborative leadership is the best model for our complex world. Internally and in our work with clients, we put a premium on teamwork. Our people are smart, committed, creative, and caring—but most of all, they understand that collaboration is the key to getting the best possible outcomes.
Joshua Leavitt

Joshua Leavitt

Managing Partner

Joshua has been studying the intersections between leadership, creativity, and transformational change for over 25 years. His work focuses on creating organizational environments with uncommon levels of creativity, commitment, and trust, all of which lead to breakthrough achievement. His combination of personal warmth and intellectual challenge allows for long-term collaborations that help clients lead in new ways. His career as a consultant began in 1991 and has included settings ranging from national parks and corporate boardrooms to maximum-security prisons. He has provided leadership and team development training, executive coaching, change management consulting, and strategic planning to a wide range of organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Since 2006 he has worked primarily with leaders in the National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service. Joshua brings to his work a background as a creative artist and many years of training in contemplative disciplines. His writing has won national awards and appeared in publications including Parabola and New Millennium Writings. He holds a Master’s Degree from the Graduate Theological Union.

Fleet Maull

Fleet Maull


Fleet facilitates genuine transformation for individuals and organizations. He specializes in reengineering companies for sustainable and profitable growth and in coaching leaders to realize their highest potential. He is the originator of the Radical Responsibility® program and the author of several books including The Path of Freedom and the forthcoming Radical Responsibility.  He is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences and often guest lectures at major universities, including Harvard University. Fleet is also a senior teacher in two renowned mindfulness meditation traditions and a tireless agent of social change and healing. His public seminars and intensive retreats have inspired thousands of people on four continents. As a faculty member of Naropa University from 1995–2009, he taught courses in Buddhist psychology, environmental studies, contemplative social action, and peacemaking. Fleet has been widely interviewed and featured in several documentary films including When the Iron Bird FliesA Place To StandPath of Freedom,  and Heavily Meditated. He holds a Master’s Degree in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University and a PhD in psychology from California Coast University.

Liz Moore

Liz Moore


Liz brings to her work on strategic planning and team development a passion for turning bold ideas into reality. Her calming presence and knack for noticing gaps in understanding allow her to communicate complex ideas simply. Since her initial collaboration with New Line in 2013, she’s inspired a new wave of innovation in our work. As a professional writer, she has been facilitating organizations and individuals to better define their purpose and professional identity since 2001. Her real-world experience leading in complex organizations includes a prior career as a professional pilot and flight instructor as well as senior project manager for an international aircraft manufacturer. She also worked for an international nonprofit, managing 200+ volunteers and employees, and she ran her own small business. Liz has degrees in Aeronautical Science and Organizational Leadership. She’s a published writer and experience columnist. A love of storytelling keeps her writing nonfiction and working on her first book.

Khandro Kelly

Khandro Kelly

Senior Trainer

Khandro has trained organizations and individuals throughout the United States and Germany. She has worked as a lead trainer and program director for New Line since its inception in 1991, winning the respect of clients and colleagues alike with her blend of commitment, authenticity, and no-nonsense communication. In her spare time she is a singer-songwriter with both solo and band recordings in her discography. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado.

Rebecca Lendl

Rebecca Lendl

Senior Development Consultant

Rebecca has dedicated her 17+ year career in nonprofit management to supporting organizational growth, innovation and community through program design, planning, and fundraising. Rebecca has worked with leading cultural institutions in San Francisco and New York including Creative Commons, Headlands Center for the Arts, Creative Time, and MoMA PS1. She has a BA from The New School, an MA from Hunter College, and was a public service fellow at New York University.

Our Story

The Beginning

New Line Consulting was established by Purna Steinitz in 1991 based on timeless principles of leadership, authenticity, and clarity of purpose. Purna applied years of training in a range of disciplines including Transactional Analysis, group problem solving, personal transformation methodologies, and his own contemplative practice to help organizations solve their fundamental problems. During the first ten years of New Line’s existence, the firm used powerful tools to produce change beyond what many clients had initially believed possible. This period saw the development of the Leonardo Process, a method for collaborative problem solving, along with breakthrough approaches to group communication and personal responsibility. New Line’s early work produced lasting results with organizations ranging from hospitals and government agencies to manufacturers and retail operations. During this same period, Purna trained a new generation of consultants in the transformational approaches that make the company unique. Many of these individuals continue to work with the firm today. In 2001 New Line added Fleet Maull and Joshua Leavitt as partners. New areas of expertise created a rich environment for innovation, while new offices considerably broadened the firm’s client base.

New Line Consulting Today

Today New Line’s partners and staff offer unparalleled leadership consulting services to clients who like a challenge, love to learn, and care deeply about values and people. We combine the latest understanding of complex systems with deep insight into the human dynamics of change. We have expanded the methods that produced powerful results for the firm’s early clients to include dozens of tools and practices for transforming leadership, communication, innovation, goal setting, implementation, and strategic thinking. We’ve also spent years carefully assembling the most talented collaborative teams in the firm’s history. In our third decade, New Line continues to break new ground in applying timeless insights about human nature to our complex modern organizations. In collaboration with clients, we are proud to be doing the finest work we’ve ever done.

Purna Steinitz

Purna Steinitz

New Line Consulting Founder

New Line Consulting’s founder has spent over 35 years guiding the transformation of individuals and organizations. He has worked in settings ranging from corporate boardrooms to meditation retreats. In addition to New Line, Purna is the founder of HeartStream Education, a non-profit company that works with both staff and inmates of prisons across the country. Purna’s heart, commitment, and deep understanding of the field of transformational work have earned the respect of people from all over the world and all walks of life. Though retired from organizational consulting, he continues to serve New Line in an advisory capacity.

Our Beliefs

  1. Human beings are innately creative and purposeful.
  2. Fulfillment comes from commitment to purpose.
  3. Commitment to purpose comes from self-knowledge.
  4. Organizations can be places of deep purpose and fulfillment as well as performance excellence.
  5. Culture produces long-term success in organizations.
  6. Shaping organizational culture is one of the primary tasks of leaders.
  7. Leadership is deeply needed in our lives and organizations.

Our work is to connect leaders and teams to purpose, creativity, and collaboration; when this occurs, remarkable things happen.


New Line’s approach combines insights from the latest scientific research on organizations with traditional wisdom about human nature and the principles of change. Our logo reflects both the simplicity we strive for and our roots in traditional sources.

The trigram Ch’ien (‘Heaven, The Creative’) is taken from the classic Chinese text the I Ching (Book of Changes). The I Ching is an ancient oracle considered one of the primary sources of Chinese cultural wisdom. Its portrayal of the universal forces of yin (the receptive, represented by a broken line) and yang (the creative, represented by an unbroken line) in dynamic interplay has shaped Chinese philosophy, religion, art and culture for more than 2,500 years.

The trigram Ch’ien is made up of three unbroken, creative lines. The following summary, taken from a variety of commentaries, sheds light on the symbolism of this ancient image:

The Ch’ien trigram is made up of three solid lines that are considered the energies of heaven, the active, initiating force of the universe. Force is represented by the dragon, a creative spirit that lives in the waters and in the sky. This spirit is a dynamic shape-changer that gives creative power and enduring strength. Its action is to initiate change and to persist. Ch’ien determines the nature and development of all things, from the movement of the stars to the cycle of the seasons. Heaven is creativity in its pure form: it confronts us with truth and what truth demands, both as the absolute laws of nature and the inner laws of individual calling.

We at New Line feel fortunate to live in a time when both the wisdom of traditional human cultures and the insights of modern science are available for our enrichment and learning. We are honored to function as translators between the wisdom of the ancients and the challenges of our complex modern organizations. Serving leaders who are dedicated to enriching our world is both a pleasure and a privilege.