Strategic Action

The purpose isn’t to make a plan. It’s to make positive change.

A strategic plan is just a tool to be more effective, more
accountable, and more aligned to your organization’s purpose.

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Getting Strategic | Getting Practical

Developing a great strategic plan only takes you halfway to the goal of creating positive change.
That’s why our strategic planning process focuses on implementation from the earliest stages.

The Human Side of Change

Successful implementation requires winning over the hearts and minds of people across the organization. We use the planning process not only to complete the plan but also to work on the human side of change. We pave the way for successful implementation right from the start.

A Breakthrough Approach

In addition to traditional forecasting approaches, New Line Consulting uses
innovation-based methodologies that lead to breakthrough futures.
These techniques provide specific strategies, collaborations, and ways of
operating organizations have never considered before.

Our ability to catalyze out-of-the-box thinking is balanced by rigorous
discipline in implementation: we insist on specific and measurable targets,
detailed timelines, and personal commitments from key leaders. The result
is that clients come away with not only a new vision for the future, but also the
plans and personal dedication required to make it happen.

“First New Line helped us establish new levels of authentic
dialogue and connection with our core values and purpose. Then it
was time to create a daring new vision for the future. We weren’t
sure if our engineers would embrace this challenge, but
their response was amazing. We now have a pathway
to a future that excites us.”

— Scott Murphy, Chief Client Services Officer, Morrison-Maierle Inc.

A Truly Innovative Vision of the Future

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Thinking Along New Lines?

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