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Clarity leads to power

Coaching isn’t just for executives. It’s for anyone
with a heartfelt interest in reaching their potential.

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Search For Fulfillment

Popular media implies that happiness is a matter of wealth and image. Personal experience tells a different story: we can have all the trappings of success and still feel deeply unfulfilled.

Overcoming Obstacles

The most significant obstacles to success and fulfillment are inside us—concealed in the form of unrecognized assumptions, emotions, and behaviors that we habitually bring to the situations in our lives. We have the capacity to free ourselves from these obstacles on one condition: that we first see them clearly. A coach is a witness to our potential and our challenges, providing the perspective and personal guidance that only an outside observer can.

A Complete Life

A fulfilling life includes seven key elements that are the fruits of personal clarity, intention, and discipline—each of which can be significantly deepened by working with an experienced coach.

“My New Line coach created an environment in which the view I had of my situation could break open and reveal something completely new. Once that occurred, I was given practical tools to work with my circumstances in ways I never had before. The basic message I took from the process was that right in the midst of the challenges we all face, I can learn to live an extraordinary life.”

—Theresa Rogers, co-author of Dharma Feast

Immersion Experiences



Your Life

An intensive exploration of new possibilities and alternative futures ranging from clarifying true purpose to pragmatic plans for new projects.


Creation Day


If you have a particular creative project you want to birth—from a book or film to starting a business—this immersion delivers new ideas and a complete plan for moving forward.


Personal Breakthrough


Immersion experiences designed to deepen personal growth, including a mix of in-depth coaching, creative exploration, contemplative practice, and outdoor adventure.


Deep Learning

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Thinking Along New Lines?

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