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Giving leaders the tools, skills, and wisdom to succeed.

Instead of pouring time and energy into underperformers,
why not invest in your best people?

Organizational Success Depends On Leaders Performing At Their Peak

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Four Keys to Compelling Leadership
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What’s In the Way?

A handful of individuals operating at their peak can dramatically improve the performance of an entire organization. Yet few leaders reach their potential. Why?

  • Executives are isolated in positions of power with little access to outside support and honest feedback.
  • Talented young employees are left to figure out how to lead by themselves—without assessment, mentoring, and skills development.
  • Managers have not purposefully evaluated their weak areas and developed a plan to improve.
  • Leaders secretly feel trapped by their duties while a deeper sense of purpose is missing from their work lives.

How We Work

New Line Consulting creates customized leadership development programs focused on the Four Attributes of Compelling Leaders—Purpose, Vision, Commitment, and Skill—equipping clients to drive new levels of organizational success.

We customize these programs around your organization’s Core Values, infusing them more deeply into the fabric of your culture. We help individuals connect to both personal and organizational purpose, and from that foundation, develop a compelling vision for the future. We also offer training in practical leadership skills—from personal organization and goal setting to conflict resolution and leading change—each of which are critical for navigating today’s complex, rapidly changing world.

If leaders consistently brought out the best in those around them, what could your organization accomplish?

“New Line consultants are transformational change agents who help leaders live with accomplishment and authenticity. Their blend of creativity, professionalism, and wisdom have provided invaluable help to key people in our organization.”

Pat Riley, Jr., | Owner, Riley’s Health and Fitness Centers

The Deeper Opportunity of Leadership

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Leadership Programs


Leading in a Complex World

Fundamentals of Effective Leadership

4-part series delivered over 9-12 months

Session Topics: Leading Oneself; Leading Others; Leading Teams; Leading Change


The Art of Breakthrough Change

Advanced Leadership Skills

3-part series delivered over 6-9 months

Session Topics: Breakthrough Innovation vs. Incremental Improvement; Creating Breakthroughs; Overcoming Obstacles


Establishing a Leadership Culture

Focusing on What Matters Most

3-part series delivered over 6-9 months

Session Topics: Why Culture Matters Most; The Building Blocks of Leadership Culture; Aligning Hearts, Minds, Systems & Behaviors

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