Executive Coaching

Leading is difficult. A coach helps.

Imagine what you could accomplish with a skilled and dedicated advisor
supporting you each step along the way.

The Power of a Coach

Professional athletes know that when it comes to achieving goals, there is nothing like the power of one-to-one instruction. Coaching provides a safe, mature, purposeful arena for connecting to intrinsic motivation, improving skills, and increasing creativity. It’s a strategic choice to focus resources on the people most critical to the organization’s success — starting with you.

How We Work

Superb coaching is more art than science. Inexperienced coaches focus on techniques, answers, and pre-made formulas. Skilled coaches focus on rapport, powerful questions, and immediate possibilities for change.

Four Keys to Compelling Leadership
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Realizing Potential

New Line’s coaching is based on four simple keys:

  1. Clarity of purpose
  2. New ways of seeing
  3. Removing obstacles to full commitment
  4. Developing critical skills

Through in-depth exploration of each key, clients harness creative energy that propels new levels of accomplishment and satisfaction.

The Development Process
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The Process

Using proven methods for assessment, goal setting, implementation, and evaluation, New Line Consulting guides leaders through a process of deep learning that is inspiring, challenging, pragmatic—and always personal. New Line also offers personal coaching for anyone with a heartfelt interest in reaching their potential.

“Instead of offering tips and techniques, my New Line coach
led me in a process of inquiry about what was most important to me.
The answers I discovered led to the strategic and tactical steps
I needed to take. The depth and power of the work took
me completely by surprise.”

—Nicholas Harris, President, Archon Inc.

Executive Coaching Programs


The Foundation of Effective Leadership


Session Topics: Self-Knowledge; Working with Others; Leading & Guiding Change


Leading a High Performance Team


Session Topics: 5 Characteristics of High Performing Teams; Aligning to Purpose; Stages of Team Development; Working Through Conflict


Leading Breakthrough Change


Session Topics: Breakthroughs vs. Incremental Improvement; Shifting People’s Thinking; Overcoming Obstacles; Accomplishing Breakthrough Goals

Good Executive Coaching Takes You On a Journey

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Thinking Along New Lines?

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