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“New Line’s teamwork and strategic planning trainings were transformative leadership experiences that helped set me on the course I’m on now. Four years later, I still apply things I learned during those sessions on a regular basis. I hope many others in the NPS have the opportunity to be impacted by this powerful work.”

-Chief of Interpretation, Intermountain Region 

“I was amazed at how transformational the High Performance Teamwork session was. There is much more open dialogue than in the past, and we’re coming up with better ideas as a result.”

-Superintendent, urban national recreation area, Pacific West Region

“The training we did with New Line positioned us to continue our tradition of pride and accomplishment after a period of turmoil. The work ranged from intensely personal dialogue, which restored our trust, to detailed clarification of roles and processes. The trainers’ insight, skills and in-depth knowledge of our agency were critical to the successes we achieved.” 

-Susan J. Spear, Assistant Director for Strategic Planning, Budget and Accountability, U.S. Forest Service 

 “I have never seen results like this park since we began our team development and strategic planning work with New Line three years ago. You can have good ideas, good people, and even good leadership, but it’s when you focus all of that on the key things that will make the biggest difference that something extraordinary can come together. What caused it all to work so well is the level of trust that was established at the very beginning of the process.”

-Deputy Superintendent, national river, Northeast Region

Off-the-Shelf Trainings 

New Line Consulting has provided trainings for individuals, teams, large and small parks, and park groups. If you are interested in learning more about our work, please contact us. References available upon request.

High-Performance Teamwork I & II

High-Performance Teamwork I & II

For management teams, these trainings provide in-depth work on the five characteristics of high-performing teams: clear purpose, common goals, effective processes, clear roles and responsibilities, and strong relationships.

Training Components:

  • Creating mutually agreed-upon team goals
  • Clarifying the job of the team
  • Developing shared expectations regarding decision-making, meetings, and team behavior
  • Improving interpersonal understanding
  • Increasing trust and transparency
Collaborative Leadership and Shared Operations Series

Collaborative Leadership and Shared Operations Series

For multiple units that are either formally or informally sharing resources or engaging in self-directed cooperation, this series of trainings leads to clear mutual expectations and the wise alignment of needs and resources.

Training Components:

  • Clarifying the unique identities, needs, and resources of each organization
  • Establishing appropriate collaboration and operating agreements
  • Identifying strategic opportunities for collaboration and reciprocal support
  • Establishing new leadership, communication, and team practices 
  • Specifying the roles and responsibilities of teams and team members
Strategic Thinking and Planning for Teams I & II

Strategic Thinking and Planning for Teams I & II

These trainings teach skills, tools, and collaborative methods for developing a strategic plan in a complex, rapidly changing environment.

Training Components:

  • Understanding the principles and best practices for strategic planning
  • Assessing the current state of the organization in order to align immediate challenges with larger strategic goals
  • Developing a concise and accurate set of organizational core values
  • Articulating a compelling vision for change, tied to the unique opportunities of the moment, which has the support of key stakeholders
  • Setting specific, measurable goals and establishing priorities
Strategic Implementation for Teams I & II

Strategic Implementation for Teams I & II

These trainings teach tools, systems, and best practices for translating broad strategic direction into specific and measurable operational goals and activities.
Prerequisite: Strategic Thinking and Planning for Teams.

Training Components:

  • Aligning district and division goals with unit-wide strategic priorities
  • Convening and empowering teams to focus on implementation
  • Applying practical tools for progress tracking and accountability
  • Adapting to emerging issues and unexpected developments
  • Learning best practices for effective communication across the organization
Leading in a Complex World I, II & III

Leading in a Complex World I, II & III

This personal leadership development training is based on best practices for leading collaborative teams, setting clear direction, and navigating change.

Training Components:

  • Developing understanding of complexity and its implications for leaders
  • Increasing awareness of personal strengths, weak areas, and drivers
  • Learning to encourage creativity and convene teams with clear direction
  • Improving expertise in motivating, empowering, delegating, and holding others accountable
  • Cultivating change management skills
  • Expanding ability to work through conflict
Leading in Times of Uncertainty

Leading in Times of Uncertainty

This training teaches best practices for complex problem solving and developing organizational resilience. An introduction to Design Thinking is included.

Training Components:

  • Developing an understanding of the dynamics, challenges and opportunities of continual change
  • Learning how to harness creativity and utilize multiple perspectives in problem solving
  • Practicing methods for prototyping possible solutions and piloting new ideas
  • Increasing individual, team, and organizational resilience in the midst of ongoing turmoil
Strategic Priority Setting

Strategic Priority Setting

In the absence of a comprehensive strategic planning process, this training teaches basic tools for setting shared direction and establishing clear priorities. Participants learn how to create focus and establish momentum utilizing park-wide priorities. 
This training may be appropriate for smaller parks or parks without the resources to engage in a full strategic planning training. 

Training Components:

  • Understanding best practices for park-wide priority-setting 
  • Establishing a deliberate direction for the park that is based on an assessment of the current state and is supported by staff and key stakeholders 
  • Leveraging strategic priorities to address challenges and capitalize on opportunities facing the park 
  • Setting specific, measurable goals to stay on track 
    New Leader Transition Training

    New Leader Transition Training

    For newly arrived leaders and their teams, this training accelerates the development of clear expectations, interpersonal rapport, and a shared understanding of organizational needs.

    Training Components:

    • Articulating expectations regarding the initial year of the new leader’s tenure
    • Developing insight into the professional values, communication styles, and current priorities of the new leader and each team member
    • Creating a shared understanding of the issues and opportunities facing the new leader, the team, and the organization
    • Identifying common goals for learning, acclimating, and being cohesive 
    Traction Meeting Facilitators Training

    Traction Meeting Facilitators Training

    This one-day training teaches participants how to set-up and facilitate a Traction Meeting™ to assess and resolve problems, capitalize on opportunities, or create clarity for making decisions. During a Traction Meeting, a team identifies the obstacles that are stopping or slowing progress and develops practical steps and strategies to get moving.

    Training Components:

    • In-house facilitators who can set-up and facilitate a Traction Meeting™ anytime there is a need to get going on a project, decision, or problem
    • Increased understanding of collaborative problem-solving and tools for promoting team engagement and creative thinking
      Instilling Core Values in Your Culture

      Instilling Core Values in Your Culture

      This training teaches participants how to influence their organizational and team cultures by creating shared values and standards that all staff members support. Through this process, staff can be more efficient and effective, reduce misunderstandings and frustrations, have more control over outcomes, and feel more unified in their efforts. 

      Training Components:

      • Clarifying the park’s unique identity
      • Creating a shared understanding of what matters most
      • Leveraging the difference between core values, aspirational values, and baseline expectations
      • Developing clear, mutually agreed-on standards for behavior
      • Embedding core values into organizational routines such as job interviews, performance evaluations, and employee recognition
      • Understanding how the park’s core values align with and support the National Park Service’s core values
      Myers Briggs for Teams

      Myers Briggs for Teams

      For teams at all levels of the organization, this training uses the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to increase individual and team awareness, communication, and collaboration. This training is also available to add as a supplement to High Performance Teamwork.

      Training Components:

      • Developing insight into innate differences in style, approach, and perception
      • Learning to recognize, value and leverage differences
      • Improving communication skills with different personality types
      • Applying insights into common team processes and organizational challenges

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