Federal Clients

“New Line’s teamwork and strategic planning trainings were transformative leadership experiences that helped set me on the course I’m on now. Four years later, I still apply things I learned during those sessions on a regular basis. I hope many others in the NPS have the opportunity to be impacted by this powerful work.”

-Chief of Interpretation, Intermountain Region 

“I was amazed at how transformational the High Performance Teamwork session was. There is much more open dialogue than in the past, and we’re coming up with better ideas as a result.”

-Superintendent, urban national recreation area, Pacific West Region

“The training we did with New Line positioned us to continue our tradition of pride and accomplishment after a period of turmoil. The work ranged from intensely personal dialogue, which restored our trust, to detailed clarification of roles and processes. The trainers’ insight, skills and in-depth knowledge of our agency were critical to the successes we achieved.” 

-Susan J. Spear, Assistant Director for Strategic Planning, Budget and Accountability, U.S. Forest Service 

 “I have never seen results like this park since we began our team development and strategic planning work with New Line three years ago. You can have good ideas, good people, and even good leadership, but it’s when you focus all of that on the key things that will make the biggest difference that something extraordinary can come together. What caused it all to work so well is the level of trust that was established at the very beginning of the process.”

-Deputy Superintendent, national river, Northeast Region

Consulting, Facilitation, and Assessment

New Line has assisted clients large and small on projects related to evaluating culture, leading change and complex problem solving. If you have a specific issue or opportunity you would like to discuss, please contact us. References available upon request.



  • Organizational assessments focused on the health of the culture 
  • Team assessments to leverage strengths and identify areas for improvement
  • Culture change to increase resilience, collaboration, creativity, and accountability
  • Applying Design Thinking to complex problems
  • Resource sharing and collaborative management structures
  • Combining distinct programs/departments/units into a new and cohesive organization
  • Conflict resolution and organizational healing
  • Strategic direction and organizational alignment 
  • Plan conception, development, and writing  

Recent Projects

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Applying Design Thinking and pre-NEPA planning to complex visitor use management challenges. Participants included leaders from the Superintendent’s office and each park division; NEPA and Transportation experts from the NPS Environmental Quality Division; and outside consultants in a variety of specialty areas.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Conceiving and writing a detailed strategic plan for visitor experience on Alcatraz Island. This joint project with the Golden Gate Parks Conservancy involved designing and facilitating a vision development session attended by 50 participants including key staff from both organizations, outside experts, and public stakeholders.

National Parks of Eastern N. Carolina

National Parks of Eastern N. Carolina

Five thematically-unrelated and geographically dispersed units were challenged to form a multi-park structure with the goal of resource sharing and increased operational efficiency. New Line worked with the parks to balance collaboration and the individual needs of each unit, then identify larger strategic opportunities. The process resulted in the establishment of a new organizational structure and helped park leaders develop shared expectations while respecting the unique identity of each unit.

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