Case Studies

Embracing a Breakthrough Future

Morrison-Maierle Inc.

Founded in 1945, Morrison-Maierle is an Engineering News Record “Top 500 Design Firm” and an employee-owned company.


Pursue significant growth without losing the family spirit that inspires deep loyalty from employees and clients.


A vision development session tapped into the innate creativity and commitment of 40 participants from all levels of the organization. Initial session work focused on re-examining the company’s existing assumptions and understanding the principles behind breakthrough performance. This moved participants past habitual thinking and opened up the possibility of true innovation.


Detailed backcasting and forecasting approaches created vivid pictures of two alternative futures. Comparing and contrasting the two yielded specific data about Breakthrough Projects required to move from the forecasted future (representing an improved version of the status quo) to the backcasted future, representing breakthroughs in quality, creativity, and growth. Merging the two presented viable plans to achieve the organization’s goals.


A new picture of what the company can achieve between now and 2020. Dozens of specific ideas for Breakthrough Projects to be implemented over the next seven years. Within the 40 participants, high levels of commitment to lead the change effort.

“New Line’s breakthrough approach to strategic planning has been the impetus to shift our culture to greater adaptability and accountability. In less than a year there were already marked improvements in efficiency, collaboration, and decision-making. I’m excited by what I see.”

Bob Morrison

President / CEO, Morrison-Mairle Inc

What They’re Saying

“The work I did with a New Line coach during a period of soul searching and transition was instrumental in creating a new career direction with deeper authenticity and a greater sense of purpose. For executives looking to bring heart, creativity, and new insight to their work, I highly recommend New Line.”

Guillaume Gauthereau Co-founder | Sequoia Lab and Totsy

“New Line helped us strategically re-orient our company of almost 10,000 employees and shift our focus from domestic to export markets. This involved a dramatic re-structuring of our business that, with help from New Line, was accomplished much more quickly than we would have thought possible. Not only did these changes have a dramatic effect on our profitability, the way they were handled brought a wave of enthusiasm and unity among our key staff.”

Ashish Bagrodia CEO | GLS Ltd.

“For years to come, most of our senior leadership will refer to the tools they learned in their experience with New Line. We are sold on the fact that good leadership and satisfied employees reap good quality care and thus satisfied customers. And we have data to prove it. After a year of incorporating the values and tools by New Line, our employee satisfaction surveys have increased by over 20% in the key areas we wanted to address and we anticipate making a profit in a year we had budgeted for a loss. That’s what we created with the tools we learned from New Line.”

Martha Carlson CFO | Drew Memorial Hospital

“New Line consultants have a remarkable ability to produce breakthroughs in individuals and groups. They have helped our companies with strategy, sales, communication, and teamwork, but their greatest gift is an intuition about what people need in order to communicate and to lead at new levels.”

Nathan Pera III Founder | Environmental Testing and Consulting

“New Line did a superb job facilitating a highly effective process that allowed me to solicit and distill the knowledge and experience of a very diverse group of participants, many of whom had never before worked together. Our success far exceeded the initial expectations of my team in terms of effective use of their time and ability to accomplish an impressive amount of work as a group.”

Sara Duckler Senior Engineer | Santa Clara Valley Water District

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